LESSON 1A : Food : fuel or pleasure?

There are many dozens of names for vegetables in English. Here are 34 of them with phonetic transcripts and pronunciations for every one.
Most are written as single nouns, though of course many of them have plurals. Plurals are normally formed by adding -s or -es. Some are uncountable and do not take a plural.

  • Grammar bank : Present Simple/Present Continuous - Here's some extra practice for the grammar contents of this file 1A :

Present Simple or Continuous (I)
Present Simple or Continuous (II)

LESSON 1B : What a cheat !

In Unit 1B we are studying how to tell a story in English by using the appropriate past tenses, that is, past simple, past continuous or past perfect...

  • Grammar bank : Past Simple/Past Continuous/Past Perfect - Here's some extra practice for the grammar contents of this file 1B :

You can also click on this link to review narrative tenses .

Can you recommend other web links to practise narrative tenses ?

Last week, we talked about sports and learnt how to use "play", "go" or "do" with some sports and activities. For extra vocabulary practice, try to do this exercise :

LESSON 1C : We are family

Many people are talking about "Felipe & Letizia" because of the tv-movie on Tele 5 last week...
These are her in-laws ... Her new family. Look carefully at the family tree. How can you relate Letizia to the rest of the people in her family? If you want to improve your family vocabulary, click on the words : Simpsons Family Quizand The family
by Mcargobe's room

In this lesson 1C the three most common future forms are contrasted :

1. Present Continuous
2. To be going to
3. Will
  • Grammar bank : Here's some extra practice for the grammar contents of this file 1C :


How do you feel about the future?
Are you optimistic (do you think things will be better in the future)
are you pessimistic (you believe things will be worse)?

We use the following sentences when predicting the future :

"By 2050, there will be no more oil left in the world."
"In 2014, Wales will win the World Cup."

Can you give me 5 predictions about the future ?